Keep Up-to-Date on Power Protection Advancements
While Earning FREE CECs!

Complete BICSI-recognized courses with Tripp Lite’s free Online Training Program.

What We Offer:

 A full curriculum of 16 free BICSI-recognized courses,
   covering a wide range of UPS Systems, PDUs, Racks,
   KVMS and Cables; courses are also available in Spanish

How to Enroll:

 Convenient online self-enrollment

 24/7 access to online training, with the ability to earn
   up to four CECs per course

 CECs valid for RCDD, RITP, NTS, Installer, Technician
   and Certified Trainer

If you are a first time user, create an account

Once logged in, go to the “Catalog” tab, and click
  D) BICSI-Recognized Courses
from the right-hand menu

Begin taking BICSI-recognized courses

Once a course is passed, you must download your BICSI
  certificate and email it to BICSI (
  to receive your credits

For more information, email

Enrolll Now

Click here for a full list of our BICSI-recognized courses.


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